Day 2 El Hato

thank you adec
The students of El Hato with to thank ADEC and the Austin Family for all their support over the years.

Today was our final day in El Hato and the dental team was able to treat 44 patients. We saw many repeat patients from previous years, which was nice because the dentists were able to check on past work and they were happy to report that everything looks good.

Dr. Adam Polan also got to follow up with his patient from yesterday. It was agreed that because it would be too high risk to complete her treatment, that we work with the Antigua Rotary Club to secure an appointment with a local dentist. This will be the safest option for the patient. We are very grateful to our partner club that we can rely on them to do follow up care especially for special cases like hers.

packing out
Packing the dental clinic out doesn’t have to be a chore!

At the end of the day we wrapped things up and Erwin Chan Reyes, a representative of the city council came to say a few words. He said that the community is very appreciative of our continued support. He also emphasized that our work has also helped keep kids in school. As a teacher in this community for the past 10 years he has witnessed first hand a decrease in student absences due to problems with their teeth. He credits this to our continued presence and the education the kids get from our project.

Erwin Speech
Erwin, the city council representative, came to thank the team at the end of the day for our continued service.

Over all the final day went smoothly and the team was satisfied with another successful clinic.


One thought on “Day 2 El Hato

  1. Thank you for doing this. We find it very informative and interesting. Our daughter Kelly has joined the team for the first time so of course we are very interested in following this great project and to see what an amazing job everybody is doing!

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